23 July 2006
Lethargy (Part 2)

So I came back from swimming classes hours ago. It's funny that after a strenous swim in pretty tired state, one feels high and active. It's really an irony. But I guess we have to thank endorphins for that, which is released into the blood when we exercise, giving us a natural high. Mwahahaha!

So anyway, just know during the 'greet-the-Sultan' session while waving the flag, I saw the Sultan, DRIVING HIS OWN CAR! AAAHHHH! That was like the coolest moments during the morning, and he drove pretty fast too! While driving he waved to us, and people around were screaming (yes, including me). It's really exciting to see the Sultan up close again!

The rest of the day was pretty uneventful though. We had to wait for a couple of hours before shaking hands with His Majesty. There was food (I ate some from the buffet at the PGGMB building), fireworks (can't see anything), students from Chung Hwa and SOAS, more students and friends! Basically I just hung around with a few people and talked rubbish. I also got the chance to write out the objectives for the computer project. But after reading through it, I realised it was very poorly drawn out.

It's kind of annoying though when the students were lining up to shake hands with His Majesty. Everyone was very restless, and because of the sweltering heat at midday, I was already having a hard time controlling my own temper and 'tried to arrange them neatly in rows'. But alas, there was limited space, and everyone was super hyper, so decided to just ignore the situation and went to a place and waited until the Sultan comes.

Boy, was His Majesty's hand soft and smooth! And the most magical moment came. Here's what happened:

Me: Happy Birthday, Your Majesty!
HM the Sultan: Thank you!



My first words with the Sultan. Ahhh, what a memorable experience!

Okay, then the bad thing came, Sufinaz lost her flag stick which belonged to her brother's and was already upset that she had lost it. I tried to console her that it was okay, but she said that her brother's is not going to be happy to hear that. Sigh~ I tried to console her, but then...

Oh well, she got one extra flag stick from me (which Victor gave me as he didn't know who it belonged to), and I gladly gave it to her and hopefully it cheered her up for a minute (it didn't).

Hmmm...You know what? I was in a pretty grouchy mood this afternoon, and yet, when typing this out, I realised that how wonderful my day had actually seemed and my pessimism just hides that fact from me! Hehehe...

And today, something special happened. After seemingly a long time, the thick mist which shrouded a mystery that has been forgotten have finally dissipated revealing, a hidden pleasant surprise. I'm glad that it happened on this fateful day, and it cheered me up =D !

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