23 July 2006

Sigh~ I seriously should be in my bed now taking a catnap, but then, my computer emitted some weird electro-psychic powers that have mystified me and drew me to it o.O. Okay, never mind! Sorry if I have not been blogging consistently (I just realised I usually blog on Sundays!), but I have been either too tired, too busy or too lazy to do so! There's quite a lot of things to do nowadays, and I realised one very bad thing: the bigger my workpile the more I procrastinate. Yes, I know that I still have another computer project to deal with, but I'll do that later because right now my brain is shortcircuited (meaning it's not functioning well), and I'm tired! Swimming classes later... Grrr ... I seriously dread the long, tiring, boring drills!

Let me summarise my weekend, beginning on Friday. As you SAS people know, it was Talentine. And not surprisingly, I was put on duty along with the rest. Steven and I was supposed to do "door patrolling", which involves only one door that connects the stage to the kindergarten. Sigh, I just realised some of the performers are kind of "rude" or was it me snapping at them at the wrong time? Human traffic was high, redundantly higher. But hey, at least I get to enjoy the show while working!

But I didn't. Only some were good. The rest was... (complete it for those who went). There were a lot of technical difficulties as well especially with the microphones and music, I really don't know why and don't want to go into detail. But putting that aside, I still did not enjoy the show. The crowd was WAYYY too ballistic and crazy. The music especially towards the end was incessantly loud!

Saturday was fun as we had double Geography lessons during the first two periods. We get to go to the Conference Hall and view presentations of humidity, rainfall and wind. Hee hee hee! And Physics practical was fun as the 2nd shift people get to do 2 experiments! Yee-haw! And just know during the 'greet-the-Sultan' session (more on that later), Sufinaz invented a poem for Mr. Loh!

We love Boyle's law,
We love Hooke's law,
We love Newton's law,

Awww, so sweet la! Only she meant it jokingly as before the practicals, the lab door was lock and out of boredom, she knocked the door while "expressing her love interests and enthusiasm towards Boyle's law!" >.< =D Okay, this morning the Form Ones and Fours went to the 'greet-the-Sultan' session, and we waited inpatiently for the 1) Sultan's arrival and 2) to shake with His Majesty's hands! I elaborate more on that later as I have to go swimming now.


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