03 July 2006
Random Rantings Revisited (RRR)

Okay, so my life nowadays is lacking the lustre. It's so ho-hum to the extend that silence is what describes it in this blog. I try to make it as interesting as possible without letting everyone slip into slumberland, so here goes!

Okay, as you all know it was, no correction, WERE, Parents' Days a couple of days ago. And we councillors have to "assist" during the two days. I don't think my jobs need a description, there isn't really much for me to say about it. On Saturday, my Mom and I had to see Mrs. Shafee as usual (it's a tradition, i.e. she does it every year ;) ) and I was late for the PTA! LOL, so busy doing my duty >.
As the week draws to an end, I find myself acting pretty lackadaisically. My guess is due to a flu. It has been really a while since I find myself, (or the flu finds me), getting entangled in a very bad flu. My nose was runny and full of watery icky yet clear jelly-like mucous (Ooops, sorry to ruin your appetite!), and I was needing a constant supply of tissue. My mom noticed this problem and she wanted me to take some medications (flu tablet, paracetamol, Vitamin C and countless other medications) just to cure my flu. No matter how much I resisted, she persisted, and I don't like it although I know she does it out of love. I just despise medications, they make me look like my life depended on them, which is not true, and I know how to take care of myself. Besides, it's just a flu, not some serious disease that might blossom into an epidemic and pandemic and what-nots!

I just hate medicines, that's all. I have no idea what sort of things they can do to my body. I don't trust them, seriously. In fact, I keep questioning about their efficiency. Blah...

Another reason for my lethargy is also due to sleep deprivation (I think I made it sound worse). I get more sleep than some of my fellow friends, yet I need more sleep. It's not sufficient, for me that is. I need roughly about 9 hours of sleep to function properly. Yea, you can call me a pig, or a naive kid, or Mama's boy if you are really nasty, but I really need that much. I can't help it. Maybe that's why my attention span is very very limited, and I can go pretty lazy after that. =P

Let's see... Today there isn't much going on in school, except the assembly ended with the presentation of some skit which was done last time by the LitFest members. It was funny, yea, but it wasn't as funny as last time's. And then during Geography class me and Sufinaz kept singing the What You've Been Looking For from High School Musical; so funny man!

Speaking of Geography class, do you guys know that Mrs. Fathima has already left SAS to Saudi Arabia? She's not going to teach us, or the school, anymore =(. So our new teacher is Mdm Karen Hu who was formerly from CHMS. She's very enthusiastic about the subject hahaha! Which is great =). And she's also funny as well. Haha, so cool!

Back to today, after school, I talked to some 4S2 people before Chemistry class. Anyway, the class was frivolous (I hate to say that) because we mostly went through the answers for the previous Quick Check questions that I had done already, so I didn't really pay much attention hehe ^.^".

Alright I just end here. Whoa, and I wrote a lot too. HORRAY! See you guys later, and keep on tagging!

P.S. Steven, where are you? You neither blog nor tag here now =(.

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