31 July 2006
Travel Warning to Malaysia

Thanks to Wan Ying for forwarding this message =).

>>> For those often travel to Malaysia. Please note:
>>>Pass it on..... let more people be aware of such things around
>>>them. I
>>>just heard a few days ago that a new type of crime has surfaced in
>>>It goes something like this:- Somebody slips a hand phone into
>>>pocket. sometimes it could be just a wallet with an identity card
>>>and a
>>>few ringgits. A few minutes later, the 'owner' comes up and
>>>you, the 'thief '. He makes a big commotion that you stole his
>>>You, caught unaware, are then pulled aside by the 'owner' for a
>>>settlement you are intimidated and threatened that if you do not
>>>pay up
>>>the police will be brought in. If you pay up, this 'owner' lets
>>>you go.
>>>If not, the police are brought in. Another strange thing is that
>>>always seems to be a 'witness' to the your 'theft'. I am told this
>>>happens to foreigners at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport
>>>or even at LRT trains.
>>>Given that you're 'guilty until proven innocent' as far as the
>>>police are concerned, I understand some poor people are in jail
>>>these 'offences'. At the KLIA, the 'owner' throws his hand phone
>>>wallet with the few ringgit notes into the luggage trolley of a
>>>arrived passenger.
>>>The drama unfolds a few minutes later. The real culprit has easily
>>>convinced our Malaysian police to arrest the real victim (if he
>>>has not
>>>paid up the 'settlement' demand). This is a very serious matter.
>>>is another form of extortionists predating in broad daylight.
>>>They are disgusting criminals who will do anything to rob and
>>>steal. The
>>>sickening part of the whole scenario is that unless you pay the
>>>"settlement" money, they will put you in real trouble by calling
>>>police. The real culprit gets back his handphone and wallet but
>>>the real
>>>victim (i.e. could be any one of us) is thrown into the police
>>>lock up
>>>and charged in court.
>>>So do be very careful, otherwise you may end up as a "thief" as
>>>you have
>>>no way to prove your innocence.

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