06 July 2006

Okay, yesterday, I guess many of you knew what happened. Our class was bombed by Miss Jane due to excessive noise pollution during Physics lesson. Let's see, it all started with Mr. Loh who just wants a peace and quiet environment to teach, but since the class was getting noisy and his patience running thin (I think so), he wrote down names of people who disrupt the class. And, at that moment, Miss Jane was like passing the class and she was slowing down when she heard the noise. So, he made use of the oppurtunity and just hand the culprits list to her. And that was how it began.

The long lecture lasted for approximately one hour, and it was really scary. She came back during recess to lecture the class for being uncorporative and noisy as well as not providing a suitable environment for studying and stuffs (That's just basically what the whole lecture was all about, but somehow everything was elaborated and miscellaneous comments got added into her lecture). To the extend that she requested a spot check on all of our Science notebooks.

Oh well, I don't really have much comments about it la. I just keep it short and brief. You can just go around other people's blogs to obtain further details about it. Today, I don't think there is any change at all during Physics lessons, except it's more in under control. Oh well *shrugs*

I'm not really in the mood to blog much, but as I promised in my earlier posts, I shall put the site's taggers, Alex and Gary into the limelight.

Starring, Alex!

1. AMD! Firefox! Nvidea! ATI! Overclocking! etc, etc, etc...

2. Emo < > (not equal to) Alex

3. Thinks Metal > Pop

4. Duty on Tuesday, blackboard

5. Gives me a very nice catchphrase whenever he sees me. It goes like...


And I'l reply with "Hi Alex! =D" *waves hand*


6. An aspiring baby-eater

7. Favourite words, oh goodness, they're most swear words, like ****, ****, ******* etc etc etc. Hehe ;)

Starring, Gary!

1. He's the man!


3. Fuuyoh!

4. I like your sense of humour ^^

5. First met in Form 1, and you used to call me Ashimo (I think, remember?)

6. Sits in front of Kim

7. Horray!

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