23 September 2006
How "soy" can one be!

I am so prepped up with energy to study Chemistry and am really looking forward to enthusiastically make sense of oxides, ionic equations and redox reactions. Decipher them and comprehend their inner workings!

I've got so much driving force in me to finally get cracking!

And I realised I lent my book to a person named Erik. And he didn't return it back. Of all the days! Damn!

Amboi, nasib saya terlalu sasaklah!

I tried calling him, but only to find out that he's out. Furthermore, there's no school on Monday. My goodness, I would have forgotten all my Chemistry by Tuesday, and my motivation would have dwindled by then. What a killjoy!

F***! It could only have happened at such a good time. *goes bonkers*

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Comments by them:-

ARGHHH!! I feel so frustrated now, and am very very lost without my Chemistry notebook! EEEEEEEEEEE!!! >.<

Blogger freshrimp whispered at 23 September, 2006 17:04.  

Lol. Just study the textbook or something la. Or your notes or stuff. Or practice writing equations or test yourself on the ions! See, so many things can be done.

Blogger Paradox whispered at 24 September, 2006 15:26.  

Yea, but I already setted my mind on cracking the oxides etc. already. Haha, but just read through those in the textbook liaw and switched to some other subjects o.O.

Blogger freshrimp whispered at 24 September, 2006 18:20.  

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