20 September 2006
Special blog?

Yea, as promised yesterday. But before that, my monitor just stopped working and I have no idea why! I was just about to begin blogging when all of a sudden, my monitor went blank leaving a very baffled and irritated guy. Fortunately, my brother had gone for tuition so I got the opportunity to use his PC and blog. It really spoilt my good day.

Today is a nice day. I finally could manage to be awake in class; I was practically dead the whole of yesterday. (I lacked sleep the other night. Just take a look at this blog post I made.) The class, more precisely, "the people at the back" was rather rowdy and hyperactive today though, so it really shatters the atmosphere. Other than that, school was fine and we managed to finish up the Mini Magazine. All there is left to do is to distribute them to the teachers either on Saturday or Monday. *sigh of relief*

Other than that, nothing much really happened. Oh, and I love kidneys hahaha (randomness of the day)! So anyway, what makes this blog special is that I'm going to allow you guys to ASK me questions about me, myself and I and I try to answer them and post them all collectively (Computer students, batch process! =D) in 1 blog post next week. So send in your question(s) to me through comments, tags, chats, emails or ask me personally in school. I shall note it down and check back next week for answers! Mwhahaha...

P.S. Don't ask stupid questions, or you'll really regret it! ;) So send in your questions asap =P!

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