19 September 2006
Swimming around work

Hi guys! Yea, for those of you curious, I've been busy the whole of yesterday and this morning, mainly because we're (the committee involved) have to finish up the Mini-Magazine, which is basically a booklet full of articles from each class to be distributed to all teachers on Teachers' Day.

I cannot believe most of them have failed to turn up their articles on time. It's kind of annoying as our work is held up and we cannot actually do anything until late last night. And some how, the message did not get passed along well, and some thought that since the Teachers' Day celebration is cancelled, so they do not need to do it. So many setbacks, so many delays, and of course, not to mention Murphy's law is wrecking havoc unto my printer again.

I seriously do not want to talk about it for now, take a look at Jia Yean's blog for more details. Yea, I will blog tomorrow definitely. Tomorrow should be a special one hahaha... Tune in tomorrow for more of ... my blogs again!

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