23 October 2006
Holiday Blog

I have just came back from Gadong after getting the Sims 2 CDs I lent to my brother's girlfriend's sister a long time ago. I didn't know my whole hard disk was going to get reformatted when a new motherboard was installed. Sigh~ It took me quite some time to restore back at least most of the programs and data that was originally stored in my PC.

I hope the whole installation of Sims 2 (base, University, Nightlife, Open for Business and Family Fun) goes well, but somehow I'm rather pessimistic about the outcome. Like just now, when I first went to her house, apparantly no one was home yet so I went to Jaya and buy bakery products. And my goodness, the whole Gadong was practically congested. Tip from me: Please save yourselves the trouble and don't go Gadong for this whole week. The traffic jam is insane I tell you. Unfortunately, it's the only shopping haven in Brunei (besides Bandar and Kiulap). I was sulking practically the whole time in the car.

I know, it's the festive season but I really cannot stand long traffic jam. It's a test of patience I tell you, and I failed miserably. And throngs of people flooded Jaya to do some last minute shopping :O (Reminds me of Christmas in Perth...). I saw a lady who bought like 5 cartons of soft drinks, and the salesman was helping to put all those cartons at the back of the car. Wow, so banyak leh!

After spending nearly an hour in the car and shopping, I went back to get the CDs. Somehow, intuition told me that something bad has happened to my CDs, and I can't believe it actually was true. Sheepishly, my brother's girlfriend's little sister told me that she lost my Sims 2 base CD. Naturally, being a Sims addict I am, I was fuming! Sheepishly, she gave me a "new" Sims 2 base DVD. I was shocked and terribly euphoric that she went the trouble to buy a replacement for me, so how can I scold her? *grin* Thank goodness she still has my Sims 2 University. Too bad she lost the manual though. Hai~ But I didn't care already because as long as the CDs are in my safe hands and the fact that she didn't really destroy it; that's more important!

Happily I went home. I didn't realise how fast time passed while inside the car on my way back home. The end? Not quite.

I had to do some serious installation which takes a while. And now, I'm in the midst of installing Sims 2 University as well as downloading Sims 2 - Family Fun Stuff Pack online with EA downloader, and it's going to take like 2 hours and 30 minutes! Goodness la =O. How to play like that?! So long! So I'm going to stay up late whole night just to enjoy playing Sims 2 while savouring the good graphics and cinematics =D that will be offered by this fantastic game. Play it!

I'm so going to get my hands on Glamour Life and Pets later. It's a must. I don't even need to add them to my Christmas wish list *snicker*. I simply must get them asap, but not now. I have to play until I get bored of the current game, then only will I get my hands on them.

Dear readers, I salute you if you have managed to endure your way through the very "Simsistical" paragraphs above. So do I always Sim all the time? No, of course not! Like they say, variety is the spice of life. So besides playing Sims, I also study for next year's GCE O Levels. Yea right! Ugh~

I'm going to abuse this 3 months of holidays by having an intimate relationship with computers and books. And probably TV. Let's see; besides Simming, I also go online and going to random forums as well as chatting. The list is endless. Oh, and Sims isn't the only game I play! I also play Civilization IV, a turn-based strategy game. It's okay I guess. I'm much more comfortable with this than Age of Empires III though.

The game is okay la. It's pretty good I'll say! But, I really suck at strategy games like these. -.-" My micromanagement skills border terrifying. It's ironic that I'm a pseudo-perfectionist and a very organised person. Lol! I'm even worse with real-time, my brain simply cannot quickly regurgitate and process whatever thing is going on at that split second. Oh, did I mention I panic too fast? And when I panic, my mind goes blank and I start to do silly things.

That's why strategy games are unsuitable to me. I've read some strategy guides for Civilization IV though, and I'm baffled at what they are trying to convey. In the end, I never even apply what I learn and resorted back to using my own methods. -.-"

I should get my bum off my chair once in a while and do some exercise to keep fit also. It's really unhealthy to use my computer all the time. Bad/Hazardous for health. The only exercise I do is walk to toilet/go down and eat. Sad, huh? But I can't help it. The attractions of my PC, how can anyone stand the sight of his/her PC beckoning the owner to come use it? Simply irresistable! But one of my main things I want to achieve this holidays is to keep fit, not add extra pounds to my belly. And I'm a terribly soft person. Cannot. Must be strong, or at least be fit la! Lol! Wish me luck!

So what have you guys been doing so far for your holidays?

Mine is pretty boring and uneventful. The games just add the spice to it. Without them, you'll already see me staying online like the whole day in MSN Messenger nudging a random person to chat with me. Hahaha!

Hmmm, the downloads are really taking a long time... I'm excited (I'm using EA Downloader)! Can't wait to play my Sims! Maybe I should stop here. I don't want to keep you guys reading this and wasting your precious holiday time over some really long blog. Sorry! And of course, have loads of fun! Because next year is going to be a really stressful one.

P.S. To fellow Muslims, Selamat Hari Raya/Happy Eid ul-Fitr!

P.S.S. Wow, I must be so desperate to pass time, I added links to like almost everything of interest!

Games I'm playing now:
The Sims 2 Civilization IV

[EDIT @ 8.47pm] Sims 2 have finally been installed. Now it's time for me to enjoy! Yahooo!!

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i see loads of sim related stuff.. haven't played that game in ages. i only have the main game lol. i didnt even know there were SOO many extensions..

anyways shim, anything about the inforama quiz stuff?

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