31 October 2006
In times of boredom..

So....like....i've been staring into blank space for the past 10 minutes thinking of what to write here. Its 12 Am now but whatever, still early, lol. Guess I'll just write about how the holidays had been, seeing as there isn't much of anything else to write about. Lets see now..holidays began around..one and a half weeks ago? Ever since then its all been all fun and games, to the point that even those had become boring. Nothing interesting seems to happen anymore now. Such a sad life i lead o.o

Ah well, asides from those, during the course of the holiday, I've went and caught two movies, The Prestige and Open Season. First one was quite good actually. Bout magicians back in the 1900's, rivalry for domination as best, and the story drags on. Open Season was, so so. Standard movie, enjoyable, fills the criteria for E-rated and Comedy, nothing more. Could've been better if it had more depth and content though. Still fun nonetheless.

Life goes on as usual. Its been boring. I should get a job, rather than loafing around the house all day, mostly around the computer but thats not the point. Seems some of my friends had gone or are going to get jobs. Such hardworking people lol. But nahh, just gonna enjoy the rest of the holidays while i still can.

Hmm, gonna have to go to school on Weds, for some Computer Project classes of some sort, have to wake up early. Then the 4th and 6th for some school excursions. Wonder if I'll even be going.. I'll just worry about that some other time. Then theres the *party* for seniors, which i am supposedly in charge of along with Shim, and i feel like just cancelling it if i could, lazy to do it but whatever. Also theres the Prom/Senior's/Graduation night coming up towards the end of November, which is *supposedly* for seniors only. What's really gonna happen, i know not. Bought a ticket so i guess I'll be going. Let's hope I didn't just waste 35 dollars which could have been better spent elsewhere.

So far I'm still stuck in Brunei, with nowhere else to go. Only time I'll ever even possibly be leaving would have to be in December towards Christmas, but i could be wrong so who knows.

Well then, i think I've spent about an hour typing such a short passage, which most would probably just finish reading in 1-2 mins max. Sad case. And if not wrong, today is supposedly Halloween? So I'll just wish a Happy Halloween to all. I shall leave you all with this post. Longest one I've remembered ever typing out in a really long time, so hopefully i won't have to update anytime soon lol. Its nothing compared to most others but hey i do what i do. Until next time~

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Oh yes, you're so gonna update more =D. Horray!!!

And thanks for the free movies reviews, I don't think I'll be catching those two anytime lol! And is the computer thing starting at 8 or 8.30?

And when will be our Physics excursion be? I forgot lah >.<

I shall update this comment once I call the Berakas Forest Reserve. Enjoy your holidays!

Blogger freshrimp whispered at 31 October, 2006 11:21.  

It seems like Berakas Forest Reserve is unlisted in the telephone directory. I don't think there are actually "people working there", except to close the gates or something (if there's any, I don't know).

I don't think we need permission la, since it's an open park. But I'll try to go there later today anyway, to check on things and see the site for a while.

I hope know where the place is...

Blogger freshrimp whispered at 31 October, 2006 11:39.  

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