22 November 2006
And the Report Book says...

EDIT: 3-12-2006

I got third in class.

Let's gasp! *GASP*

After about 6 years of staying stationary to 2nd position, I finally let my guard down. And off I tumble to the ground (well, not really) and claim the empty spot of the guy who snatched away my place.

I shall drown in sorrow and collect buckets of my tears. Boo-hoo-hoo! And probably after that, I jump off IBB building in Bandar. Because I got third. OH THE AGONY! How the academic institution have driven me insane, mad and utterly depressed and rejected. Goodbye world! Goodbye everyone! I miss you all, take good care of yourselves yea?

No, I was only kidding. *gives nasty grin*

Okay, seriously. I'm not so depressed over the drop in my position. It's not THAT bad. I'm actually so much more better at handling this news now compared to last time, when I can throw my tantrum these sort of things. Now's not so terrible. I'm a mature person now, and I'm going to handle things in a mature way.

I sort of anticipated it anyway, since my efforts made in studying were considered less than that of previous time's. Somehow, I got distracted this term. So I deserve to get third. But the news got me by surprise though, because I really do not wantexpect my anticipation to come true.

Anyway, seems like Jim's leading with point something something difference in marks. So it was a really close race. He got higher in Maths, that was what Mrs. Shafee told me, hence the lead. Tonight, I shall go out to Jaya and buy a dartboard. I shall photoshop Jim's face and make it look "clowny" and throw the darts at him, and laugh maniacally when the darts hit his face! Mwahahahaha!

I'm evil! Very evil!

I don't even dare do such things. That's really mean, you know, seeing he has done nothing except kicking my arse.

I seriously wonder who got Number 1. If you got Number 1, and you are reading this, please tag at my tagboard with your name so that I know who you are. And do some things to you too :P.

I was looking through some of my papers just now. My Biology papers were the most hilarious! I was laughing at my answers, and how ridiculously easy the model answers were, and how mega-short the essay answers are compared to my pages of writing. Makes me feel so =.=".

I would like to extend my sincere congratulations to Mushroom for beating Gay Man. Hahhahaha...

And now, I shall enjoy my holidays in a state of euphoria.

ADDENDUM: It wasn't Mushroom who got 2nd. It was Nathaniel. Mushroom got 4th. I was told the wrong info, lol!

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Comments by them:-

You're not the only one who has dropped from the usuals. After 6 years straight, no.2 is finally here. Now I have competition! Time to work harder =p It's good - I get motivated. Though it's a little.. strange, but just like you, I expected it too. Lol.

Blogger JY whispered at 22 November, 2006 14:22.  

Yea, same! It's like the sort of motivation I wanted and needed. Like they say, great minds think alike? Lol!

Blogger freshrimp whispered at 22 November, 2006 16:04.  

GayMan, don't be emo. Do not abandon the valuable teachings of Alex and Gary. Disappointment is a part of life.

When you begin to take life less seriously (and are capable of realising that death is always at life's door, looking for a way in) then you shall know the true meaning of life.

Alex and I have already found these conclusions, hence we are quite alike. (we're slightly insane and we appreciate metal music)

Just take things/everything with a pinch of salt, like us.

Anonymous Anonymous whispered at 22 November, 2006 17:44.  


Blogger Alex whispered at 22 November, 2006 18:17.  

Hey mushroom! No lah, I'm not SOO MAJORLY DISAPPOINTED that I cry buckets of tears. No lah! I'm still fine and in one piece.

No worries, this person is still happy! =)

Blogger freshrimp whispered at 22 November, 2006 18:24.  

Thank goodness. I was worried you'd turn back to emo from your status as a man. ^^

Anonymous Anonymous whispered at 22 November, 2006 20:36.  

No, I'm not "emo" or whatever. I can get angsty at times, but I wont go further than that. =D

Beep, beep!

Blogger freshrimp whispered at 22 November, 2006 21:46.  

chill man~ haha.. 3rd place is not bad already~ try better next year!! =) it's not about how smart u are, it's about how much you've learned. ;)

Anonymous Anonymous whispered at 01 December, 2006 20:53.  

shim fails. position usually shows you how well you remember, not how smart you are. there's a difference

Blogger Alex whispered at 05 December, 2006 16:09.  

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