01 November 2006
It's the first of November!

I really couldn't believe I was able to wake up early this morning, like about half past seven. I got everything ready and I headed off to someplace where I will pursue the academic knowledge. Yes, I actually went back to school for discussion on Computer Project. Miss Mary snatched me and decided to train both me and Jia Yean for the upcoming Inforama Finals. Oh well, so much for that!

Nothing much happened over there. And part of the school was banged into pieces demolished for renovation. The place was really noisy, but thank goodness the noise did not penetrate the Conference Hall. Most of the teachers are there doing some rearrangement and whatever they fancied. Sigh~ Apparently, Miss Mary and some Primary teacher decided to photoshop the participants' photos, including yours truly. Man, I seriously do not need a makeover now, and it's like they gave me free plastic surgery. I didn't want to see how they messed up my photo though, I feel very self-conscious and embarrassed! LOL!

Halfway through we decided to call it quits. I then returned back to class while Jia Yean went home. Thank goodness Mr. Eric gave them a long break, at least I can bum around. Hahahahaha! I was being bored and hyper. >.<

At 1, I went for piano replacement class. It was okay, and I managed to pull off my B piece pretty well. Hehehe... After I stepped out of my class, I saw someone taking a puff at the stairs, probably he came from Netcom.

I was aghasted and deeply surprised to hear a familiar voice calling my name. "Hi @#$$^$@#$%@$@#^#$%@#," was my reply, but I don't want to say no more. I cannot believe this guy from our class was there taking a puff or so. Man, I pening kepala from all the confusion. Even my brother was asking me, "You KNOW that guy?"

I hope he will cut off this nefarious habit asap. Sighhh =(

So here I am, once again! I'm torn into pieces, can't deny it... (A song) Blogging once more. What an interesting day for me. And November is going to be a rather occupying month for me. No more Sims 2 24/7 that's for sure, it's time to enjoy life per se. Horray!

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