05 November 2006
Remember remember the fifth of November?

Lol, only reason I'm even here posting is cause of the famous quote in the title. Those who've watch the movie would know, and for those who haven't, tough luck. Its from V for Vendetta btw. Thanks to Shim for reminding or rather, make me realize today was that day. Nothing special actually, just thought it would deserve a post of its own.

Well since I'm posting might as well just talk about the Muara beach outing since Shim wants me to. Arrived at school around 7.45 maybe? Give or take. Usual routine, get there, talk talk, and wait for the bus to arrive. Quite a number turned up and the bus wasn't enough to fit everyone, so some had to tumpang some of the teacher's cars. So soon the bus came, got in, and headed off. The clock in the bus was like, 1 hour behind? so when it was 8 it showed 7 o.o Oh well.

Got there, got off. Everyone settled down and were given time off to do what you want. We weren't allowed to enter the water but some did anyways. I just, stood and observed, what everyone else was doing. Seems there were a bunch of form 2s there as well, brought by Mrs Simmonds i think. There was some mini-football field there, so could see people playing around. Also got some other small field where it was turned into a rugby arena.. how fun. More or less everyone did what normal people do at beaches. Victor actually brought two fishing rods and was trying half the morning to fish, but erm, put bluntly, he fails. lol. Some people were building sandcastles, some were collecting seashells, flying kites, playing volleyball i think, saw ball, no see net, or just plain sitting down and enjoying bliss. I did mostly the last option, but yea not the point.

At around 10 Mr Loh gathered us all and gave some brief explanations on waves, and gave some formula about it, which i was sure i would forget by the next day, which i really did, so i won't know and so i cant post it up. Something about frequency equals period times lamna or something O.O Don't ask, i don't know. Basically he didn't even take 5 mins to explain, and we were all dismissed and allowed to do what we want again. So, times goes by, an by 12 bus was here, everyone gathered, cleaned up, got in, got home. Oh and during the bus ride, Mr Loh was singing some Malay/Indonesia song, bout some country guy and city girl liking each other but could never be together cause of differences. It was, interesting...

Well that was about it for the beach outing. Towards the evening, went to Jason(Lew)'s house for barbecue. Mostly just with the guys along with a few girls, simple barbecue, nothing much. Twas fun, though towards the night it began to rain so the barbecue had to come to a halt, but at least we had all eaten already by then. After dinner, we played a rather interesting game. Simple, yet entertaining, and it kept us occupied for pretty much the rest of the night. Game was called "I'd never..", brought up by Gary. Basically everyone in the game has a drink, someone starts a statement with I'd never.. and continues it, and whoever has actually done what the person said, has to own up and take a drink. So...imagine all the bizarre and retarded, mostly perverted, questions, that could possibly be known to man, being questioned among us. And actually having some of us admitting to some of the things being asked that night, was rather, -insert desired adjective here- But it was still fun nonetheless. Left soon after since my car had come.

Overall it was a good day yesterday, and had that really been the fifth of november, it would've been a day to remember, but it wasn't so whatever. I must be really bored having typed out all this, and so are you all having read it. I shall stop for now. Good day.

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Wow! I cannot imagine Victor actually bringing 2 fishing rods? LOL! And how come the explanation SO short one? Funny lar, I expected it to be at least 1/2 hr =P.

It's really great that you enjoyed your day yesterday! I wouldn't take part in the "I'd never..." game though if I were there hahaha!

Blogger freshrimp whispered at 05 November, 2006 17:57.  

I wasnt bored when I read your blog soo, you don't have to be bored to actually read someone's blog! I thought the f2s went to OGDC or so I heard. The "I never..." game is insane lol. But you people very honest, surprisingly lol.

Blogger JY whispered at 06 November, 2006 16:34.  

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