05 November 2006
What I Did Yesterday

Before I begin, I want to show you guys this fabulous message forwarded by Luisa Jie Jie. Thanks =D.

As I Mature

I think it's a very good one. I especially like the 2nd and 5th point. Lol!

Okay, so yesterday I wasn't as lucky as you guys to go to Muara Beach and have your share your fun there, while I was stuck along with 4 other people in a very cold AVA Room in a school miles away from the beach. It's so unfair la. I really missed out a lot of fun you guys must had. Man, so sad la.

I was there for the INFORAMA Grand Final Quiz "rehearsal", and apparently we're going to have 3 more rehearsals this 2 weeks before the real deal on 18th. Depressing. And I hate the what..."buzzer round". My reactions terlalu lambat. Bleh...

We didn't do much over there, just see the people trying to solve some technical and some other difficulty. And yea, get to the front and do some quiz. It's all really boring really, compared to you lots of guys.

Bleh, bleh and more blehs.

I'm so jealous! But thank goodness tomorrow's schedule is still kept intact. I'm going to the cinema for a movie marathon yahoo! But can anyone give me more details about it, i.e. what time we are supposed to be in school/cinema, where's the meeting place, what to wear, and what time it ends. Tell me through the comments field or tagboard. Thanks a lot.

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Its okay Shim, you'll have plenty of other chances to go beaches, maybe..ok dunno lol. But it wasn't really THAT much fun, it was okay i guess. Mr Loh sang, he's cool. Hahah, have fun at the movie tomorrow.

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