03 November 2006
White and Nerdy?

Has anyone heard this song before? I find it seriously hilarious, especially the music video. When I first saw it on Youtube, I thought it was a pun, stereotyping nerds and etc. But it is really funny! I never laughed at songs before! Wow! It's kind of insulting la, but it's not really.

I was shocked when Krystal FM aired this song on radio twice already. I was like, you mean this is actually a real song that is new? I never liked rap songs. I've to make this one an exception (the music is not bad, and the lyrics are just totally hilarious). And apparently, both my little brother and I love this song. Lol!

Catch White and Nerdy on Youtube, or on Krystal FM.

I really don't know why, but the first person that comes into my mind when listening to this song is...Bill Gates?

freshrimp put thoughts into writing at 11:59.
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Comments by them:-

hahahaha~ bill gates~ very funny! =D

Blogger - strawberry - whispered at 03 November, 2006 22:22.  

I know. Out of so many people! >=P

Blogger freshrimp whispered at 05 November, 2006 14:17.  

I really like the stories about Sabah trip. i really laugh alot while reading it. LOL

Blogger Michee whispered at 22 November, 2006 16:06.  

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