22 December 2006
Ho ho ho..once again

In hopes of keeping the site alive, here i am posting again. Well it seems that over the past few days, the internet connection here in Brunei has been well, crap. I'm pretty sure i wasn't the only one experiencing it, most others were as well. Msn especially was the worst, took the whole afternoon just to log in, and msgs are hardly delivered and/or received. But it seems to be a little better by now, don't know, best not to say anything.

Well now, if i am not mistaken, tonight (22nd Dec), theres some Chinese traditional festival/occasion going on, *Guo Dong* or *Winter Solstice* or something like that, a time where Chinese back then celebrated the passing of winter. At least i THINK thats what it was for. Kinda like Chinese Christmas? Lol. No idea. What i do know is during that time, theres always this dish thats prepared. Some floured dough rolled into the shape of spherifical dumplings and drenched in sugar syrup and boiled. Some are usually coloured, with artifial colourings of course, to give some colour. Okay thats rather obvious but yes. Seems its also cooked with salt to give it a salty overall taste and so its like soup? Never tried it, though i think i'll stick to the sweet kind. Will be celebrating back at my grandparents tonight, and i've already received my share of the sweet dumplings earlier. Express service.

Other than that, theres just Christmas, but nothing much is gonna happen. Most probably gonna have a quiet family steamboat at home just to acknowledge the occasion, but knowing my mom shes just gonna invite a bunch of relatives over. Well, theres always the PC. =)

Thats about it for now. Going off. Still got a buncha homework to finish up -_- Ah well.

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It's not cooked with salt! It's so wrong to say that. It's just cooked in soup. And, for goodness sake, go talk with relatives lar. Don't just stay in front of your PC all the time. That's terrible - makes you some unsociable relative of theirs you know. It is not good!
And, you should have at least done half of your homework by now.

Blogger JY whispered at 22 December, 2006 22:59.  

So many retorts to the things i've said. Lol. Okay finee, its cooked IN soup, not with salt. Having the steamboat right now, and i just finished eating..and so im here on the pc again. I do talk to my relatives, just, not much. Its mostly all the aunts and uncles anyways. As for the homework..yea, about half is done by now i guess.

Blogger Paradox whispered at 24 December, 2006 21:06.  

w00t No report book ftw!!! I don't have to do my h/w. YEAH. =DDD

Anonymous Anonymous whispered at 24 December, 2006 22:25.  

Oh yeah, my mom told me about this Chinese celebration (which she calls "Dong Jie") too. She told me that unlike most Chinese celebrations, the date for this celebration is fixed on December 22. That's the winter's solstice (like what you correctly said). Thought it was a really weird celebration, lol!

Have you tried the white food? Is it nice? I don't think I have eaten it before.

What? You guys don't exchange gifts on Christmas? Bummer =(. It's really fun, maybe you guys should try it next year ;) =D.

Hey man, don't spend your Christmas hogging the PC lar =P. Come on, it's Christmas! Have fun with your family!

Anyway, Merry Christmas to you and your family! =)

P.S. You made me depressed with the mention of homework. My goodness, I haven't really touched them yet (I did do some, but that is not so much!). Great! :P

Blogger freshrimp whispered at 24 December, 2006 22:29.  

By the way, I feel so bad for not blogging... I blog tomorrow when I am back to Brunei.

Blogger freshrimp whispered at 24 December, 2006 22:31.  

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