03 December 2006
I'm Sorry!

This blog post is as requested by my few taggers who constantly nagged me for a blog post; Kim, Jim, Vol'jin... Thank you guys for helping to keep this site alive!

Okay, so I guess I owe an explanation as to why I wasn't online these days. Mostly, I have playing my Sims game all the time. It was fun, of course (naturally) but I am so going to get Pets when I get to Australia, by hook or by crook, and probably Glamour Life. Did you know I saw a Pets expansion sold in Hua Ho Yayasan? I so wanted to buy man, if not for the extravagant price: $50. I can buy it $10 cheaper at EB Store in Perth. Okay, I think I better change the subject now.


Currently, I have no interesting topic to talk about now. Oh boy... KK blogs will be up pretty soon asap when I find time to use my brother's PC in Australia. I post up more FWD: mails blog posts later in the afternoon to entertain you guys. I see you guys later.

P.S. Can a certain someone please help update this blog as well? I really appreciate it if you do! =D

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Oh i wonder who this certain someone might be o.O Such a mystery!

Blogger Paradox whispered at 03 December, 2006 20:47.  


Blogger freshrimp whispered at 03 December, 2006 23:10.  

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