25 December 2006
Merry Christmas

"You better watch out
You better not cry
You better not pout
I'm telling you why
Santa Claus is coming to town!"

Horray! It's Christmas! Yahoo! =D

I am terribly overjoyed. Because we got to do one of the most important elements of Christmas. Exchanging gifts at the stroke of midnight before my family and I leave for Brunei at 4 freaking a.m.! I'm really happy and glad that my family enjoyed the gifts I gave them. I felt like crying tears of joy. And my presents are pretty nifty too!

Joy to the world, the Christmas spirit's in the air. Yip yip yip!

So how did I spend my Christmas?
Answer: At the airline dozing off.

Oh my goodness, today's flight is so full and so small! It's not the big Airbus, this is the tiny one you get when you fly to K.K. (I think). There's no personal TV (Noo!) and of course, it's so difficult to get up and go to the toilet, especially when you have to say excuse me to two people and you struggle to get up and go to the toilet. It's really crammed. There's one narrow aisle, and 3 seats on each side of the aisle. Goodness. Worse still, we were sitting behind the very back again. Yes, people, the one next to the toilet at the back, and unfortunately they were the only 2 toilets available for Economy passengers.

It sucks more that I have very little appetite to eat up the inflight mee. It wasn't so bad, just that I'm so full and sleepy.

So what did I do on the day before Christmas? We did last minute shopping and we packed, and oh! We dined at a wonderful Francais restaurant. O la la! And the course is AWESOME! Magnifique! Marvelleoux? Oui! (Pardon my French, I chin chai say one).

Oh how I love Christmas! Too bad we can't do anything today except to sleep off the day and recover on Boxing Day. It's really weird that we have to take some really early morning flight, and on Christmas again. But the flights after Christmas till all the way to January are fully packed, despite my mom making an early booking on October. It's crazy. According to my mom, three quarter of the passengers are transiting from Perth to London via Brunei, since it's much more cheaper than Qantas directly flying them to London.

I have never seen an airport brimming with activity at 2 a.m.! And people are like they're so full of vigour and energy! *scratches head*

Okay, enough about that, so what exactly was I up to in Perth until I was so busy I couldn't really come online and blog?

Can you believe I went to Melbourne?

HAHAHAHA! For 10 days! That explains my inactivity for quite some time. Half the trip was really fun, the other half is just so-so or dead BORING! I'll explain more when I feel like blogging, or rather chronicling my trip. Hmmm, let's just say I've been to all the places that Jia Yean had been to except the Great Ocean Road. Thanks for blogging about it, at least I had the vague idea of where we were supposed to go in Melbourne. =)

Oh yeah, I noticed that this year I have done lots and lots of shopping. I definitely got a fresh new wardrobe (which is totally wonderful!) and I bought 14 books. 14!!! I cannot believe I bought so many until I got carried away. I'm so happy that Perth recently has got this big bookstore in Hay Street (I think) that has dwarfed Angus & Robertson and Dymocks. It's called Borders and OH MY GOSH, the bookstore is so big, it has dedicated about 20-40 wall-sized bookshelves just for Fictions! And that doesn't include Romance, Criminal Fiction, Science Fiction etc. It's crazy, it's every bibliomaniac's dream come true! And oh my gosh, it has allocated so many chairs around the store just for you to sit down and read (for one whole day even, no one really bothers).

And the very great feature about this bookstore is that it has terminals scattering throughout the store where you can search for a particular book that you want to look for. IT'S SO COOL! I wish Brunei's bookstores are like that. Well, at least where books aren't wrapped in some weird plastic covers to what...prevent people from reading them? o.O And you get no privacy if you spend 3 hours reading a book there. You get shooed off. And the variety here is so little as well now that I had seen this mega-bookstore...

Sigh, I still have many books to unpack and shelf them. Man, how and where am I going to shelf them? My bookshelves are already full, disorganized and overflowing. And I have got so many books to read. Great! This will fill my reading record for three years, lol!

Well, I shall stop here for now. I'll blog more whenever possible, updating you guys on the trip to Melbourne and K.K. (it's so long overdue -.-"). I shall waste no more of your Christmas time. Now go out, and celebrate the festivity that has brought people closer together.

"I wish you a Merry Christmas,
I wish you a Merry Christmas,
I wish you a Merry Christmas,

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Comments by them:-

Glad to see you've had such a great time, especially with, well, books. lol. So you went to Melbourne! Explains the absence. Haha. Merry Christmas, see you in 2007.

Blogger Paradox whispered at 25 December, 2006 13:39.  

P.S, welcome back, i think. lol.

Blogger Paradox whispered at 25 December, 2006 13:40.  

if not mistaken, borders is all over the world i think? its really big haha i've been to the one in sg but kinokuniya is much bigger and has more variety =P just my insights haha welcome back shimmy, merry christmas mate

Anonymous jayy whispered at 25 December, 2006 16:22.  

Hey Steven! No la, it's just the bookstore that drives me crazy. There are more things I had done and see which are more exciting than that ^^.

Hiya Jason! Yea, Borders is international. It's just that it's my first time to see one in person. That explains the first-time sakainess =P. Where's kinokuniya? Maybe I should go there one day!

Blogger freshrimp whispered at 25 December, 2006 17:04.  

hey!! merry xmas!! hehe.. wow.. looking for borders around aussieland? hahaha... =p

Anonymous Anonymous whispered at 25 December, 2006 21:35.  

AmG u don't know where kinokuniya is?! Its like a bookstore, except really huge. Lol. Only seem them in Singapore though. And they actually sell books that i read. Well, comics but not the point. Its a nice place.

Blogger Paradox whispered at 25 December, 2006 22:06.  

Hi Karen! Long time no see lar =P. No lah, so happened my brother's girlfriend told me about the opening of biggest bookstore in Perth and we both became excited. Hahaha...

Lol Steven! Nope, never heard of it. I haven't been to Singapore for a really really long time! Borders also sells graphic novels, or what you call comics, too, but I don't think they're many in variety.

Blogger freshrimp whispered at 26 December, 2006 09:56.  

SHIM! Welcome back! Merry Christmas btw =)

Lols. You went to Melbourne! It's summer now in Aus right? Isn't it VERY hot now.. because if it isn't, then Melbourne truly has freaky weather. And your welcome =) I didn't know blogging about trips helps! Lol. Did you feed the animals? You MUST blog about it hehe.

And and referring to Steven's comment(s), there's a Kinokuniya in KL, KLCC to be exact. It's multilevel ie. huge. And there's a Borders in KL too in Times Square; never been there though. It's apparently the largest bookstore in KL and the largest Borders bookstore in the world? Hmm, maybe Perth's bigger now haha. There's another one in the Curve (KL) and I may be going there soon - I MUST GO BORDERS! LOL.

Anonymous Anonymous whispered at 27 December, 2006 00:22.  

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