07 January 2007
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Hey guys! I know I haven't been blogging much lately because well, nothing interesting has happened as of late. Things have been going on pretty slowly and I fear that once school begins, my life will become one hectic rush and the Olympics of my life.

Okay, so maybe the Olympics thing is just one big exaggeration!

If my memory doesn't fail me, this is what has been going on in my recent sedentary life: my eyes falling in love with the PC monitor and the pages of novels that I bought in Australia. If you guys are looking for a good read and you can only buy one book, I recommend For One More Day, by Mitch Albom. This novel, like all of Mitch Albom's, is very life-enriching. The story talks about a guy whose life has hit rock-bottom and attempts to commit suicide. He was drunk-driving and landed himself in a bad accident. And on his verge of death, he met his mom who was already dead. And from there, he spends a day with his mother who showed him that there is more to life. Very good book!

Okay, I know I'm not a fantastic reviewer but take my word for it. ;)

Besides reading, I played and tried a game NOT related to Sims! My eBay career, on the other hand, has hit rock bottom. Until Brunei PayPal accounts can receive money, I won't be selling things. Of course, I will still shop lar! Hey, the things there are so much better than the over-rated The Mall.

Let's see what else. Oh yeah, two days ago, Steven and I went to catch "Night at the Museum" which was showing at, where else, The Mall! But before that, we had lunch at Excapade Sushi (thanks Kim for bringing the family there). The food was great, as usual. And I tried eating sushi for the first time! And its taste still tingles at my tastebud. Ugh, it gave me the goosebumps just trying to imagine it's weird taste and soft, squishy texture! I shall stay away from orange sushis!

Night at the Museum. The show was AWESOME! The comedy was never-ending and it doesn't tire at all! I guarantee you will be laughing all the way to the bank to the end! And the twists in the movie were truly unexpected and welcomed! Remember the T-Rex you saw at the trailer? Yep, he did something so shocking it made us all laugh!

Hey, Steven, sorry if I laughed out too loud yea? :P Couldn't control it lar!

This movie does teach you a couple of prominent facts in history. So it's pretty educational as well in some parts. Like Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt, the American President helped built the Panama canal and is an enthusiast in history himself. And Attila the Hun likes to rip people's muscles off! The language he speaks is too funny! And the Chinese came to America during America's Gold Rush.

There's this one scene which I think is the most funniest of all in the whole movie. It went something like this (not exactly):-

Sacajawea, the Native American lady) looks at the snow with tyre tracks.
Larry (the main actor): Do you know where the truck has headed?
Sacajawea: (looks closely at the ground and studies the wind) The truck went (can't remember where) and it went east.
Larry: (frowns intently) You're good! How did you know?
Sacajawea points at the corner in front of them where the truck stopped.


Plus other very hilarious scenes. And what do I learn from this movie?

Moral: Never underestimate old men!

Hahaha! You have to watch the movie to know what I mean! SO GO WATCH, PEOPLE, BEFORE IT DOESN'T SHOW ANYMORE!

This is one movie that is worth every single cent of my $2.50 $5.00 (thanks to Steven for pointing out my pricing error!) and 2 hours.

Can't wait to watch more funnies! =D

So yeah, that's basically what I have done. That explains why I don't go online so often nowadays. And I want to apologise to my frequent readers; Vol'jin, Kim, Jim, Steven for constantly keeping this site alive and active through tagging and commenting and also, to be disappointed with the lack of blog posts when you guys come here each and every single day. So sorry! It's just that, there isn't anything blog-worthy that happens in life nowadays.

Well, I got to go. I need to catch up on my reading and homework, zoinks!

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I think you spelt the woman's name wrongly, but who cares. It was still a good show. But i believe the tickets were $5.00, not $2.50. Lol.

Blogger Paradox whispered at 08 January, 2007 00:50.  

maybe he meant per hour

Blogger Alex whispered at 08 January, 2007 09:38.  

I thought so too, but when I look up at Google.com, the websites spelled her name like that. So, I just follow lah. Her name is so hard to spell!

OH YEAH! It's $5.00! I kept thinking I paid $5.00 for 2 people! I'll correct it asap!

Hey Alex, I definitely don't mean per hour. My mistake.

Blogger freshrimp whispered at 08 January, 2007 14:06.  

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