31 January 2007
Birthday Shoutout

Today is my uncle's brother's birthday.

He's 30...

Can you believe it? It's incredible!



Despite your "old/young" age, you look young yourself! I hope you have a great day today trying to count the number of white hair that have suddenly spurted out of your scalp! Nah, just kidding! It's really great to see you stepping into another milestone of your life again!

Do take care of yourself, and have a fantastic BIRTHDAY! Enjoy! :D

freshrimp put thoughts into writing at 18:37.
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Lol. Hope your bro has a good birthday. You should get him to visit this site too, so he knows you wished him to the world. lol.

Blogger Paradox whispered at 31 January, 2007 19:11.  

everytime you celebrate your birthday, you are one year closer to death.

Blogger Alex whispered at 31 January, 2007 19:26.  

Hahaha, Steven! =P

Alex, What The Hell??! What are you trying to say? I resent the way you say that! Birthdays are meant to be happy and to celebrate another year of living.

True, you're right. That can't be denied (sadly). But with that sort of attitude and way of thinking, you die "sooner".

Blogger freshrimp whispered at 31 January, 2007 20:04.  

we can't deny the truth, which is why i never celebrate birthdays. they only serve as reminder that you're closer to death

Blogger Alex whispered at 31 January, 2007 20:17.  

My birthdays are always commemorated with exams. Now I know why... -.-"

Anonymous Anonymous whispered at 31 January, 2007 20:46.  

whoaaa~ no offense or wat.. but ur age gap between you and ur brother.. whoaaa... hahaha =p >< speaking of birthday.. mine's coming as well!! hahaha... *bleh* in march HAHA =p

Anonymous Anonymous whispered at 31 January, 2007 21:01.  

Well, Alex, each to their own. :P

Jim, when is your birthday?

And hey Karen! It's okay! I know our age gap is REALLY wide but that's really okay. Birthday? Whose birthday???

Heeheeehee, just kidding!

Blogger freshrimp whispered at 01 February, 2007 14:39.  

It's on the 6th of October 1991. I know it's late, and it's not fun to be the youngest. =/

Anonymous Anonymous whispered at 03 February, 2007 20:52.  

ya ya ya...happy birthday koko..zzzz

Anonymous strangerz whispered at 16 February, 2007 12:54.  

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