10 January 2007
My Room

I am seriously weird and bored. And trying to avoid doing my music theory homework. How I hate answering the composing a 10-bar melody question! Anyway, due to a request by Jia Yean, and because I have time to kill, I thought...why not?!

Fine, my room wasn't like this last time. Spent a few days last week in the new year trying to straighten up my room, i.e. redecorating, adding new ornaments, general cleaning, freshening up etc., I finally came up with this:

Note: Each picture might take quite some time to load, so please be patient!

Door of my bedroom

This is the door of my bedroom. Sheessh, why did I even take this picture just to show papers stuck on the door?
P.S. In case you are wondering, I got the door hangers from eBay and the yellow Australian sign is from Australia lah.

Bedroom view

What you first see when you enter the room. Told ya' my room is small!


My bed. I know my blanket doesn't match my room, and it is so NOT my pattern/colour at all! But my mom bought it all the way from China last time and since it keeps me warm at night and it is pretty comfortable, well, what more can I do?

By the way, my blanket is always not made properly like that shown in the picture. This is a catalogue view, and of course they must look good, musn't they? :)

View above bed

Above my bed. Nothing much, except for a few hangups.

Big cupboards!

Tall, gigantic cupboards that touches the ceiling of my room. They completely take up half the walls in my room.

This is what is located to the left of my bed. This desk!

And the tall shelf above the desk, with lots of thingamajigs. Click on the pictures to view FULL SIZE. (So many things...)

And this is the bookshelf by the door, filled with nothing but school books! (Bottom shelf is taken up by bags - not obvious) I keep my novels and other books in another room...

So yeah, that is my bedroom! It's nothing much, really, and it's really small. Even my bed is not "long" enough. Hahaha...

No, I won't take pictures of what's inside the cupboards and drawers as they are seriously messy. =P And nothing to see, anyway!

Ermm, yeah. So what do you guys think? ;) And I know, Vol'jin and Mushroom, I know you won't like them, so I'll be expecting things like "ZOMGZ" or even worse...the G- word! :P. I need to prepare myself mentally for that.

But yeah. That's that for this blog post. Until then, see you later. And thanks for tagging!

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Lol. Due to a request from me - linked to the comments some more. WAH. Haha. There's nothing on my door, never had anything lol. And I see you have the 33rd Student Council sign! =p Would you happen to know, what happened to the, photos thing, whatever it's called.. You're books so tidy; my table is.. so.. much more untidier than that. HOW EMBARRASSING. LOL. But YAY! You posted up pictures!

Anonymous Anonymous whispered at 11 January, 2007 10:26.  

Yeah, of course! Must link to prove the credibility. ;) The photos thingy is with Yongbo, I told him to keep it.

By the way, the Council sign is GONE! I guess you knew that already.

Aiya, no need to be embarrassed lah. Besides, it used to be way messier than that last time.

Blogger freshrimp whispered at 11 January, 2007 11:31.  

How come my name's anonymous? 0.o Ohs, Aisyah was looking for it end of last year lol. The Council? IS IT. I remember a letter was missing but not the whole word.

Anonymous JY whispered at 11 January, 2007 23:07.  

BETA's glitch. =( Anyway, the whole word 'Council' was missing. You even complained about it! You don't remember, huh? =P

Hahaha, tell Aisyah that it is with Yongbo.

Blogger freshrimp whispered at 11 January, 2007 23:33.  

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Anonymous Stranger whispered at 12 January, 2007 15:38.  

hahah~!! nice blog about ur room! hmm... gives me an idea to blog about mine too =p =p hahah~

Anonymous Anonymous whispered at 19 January, 2007 18:40.  

This room is good for girls but not for boys. Nice job brother.

Anonymous strangeres whispered at 22 January, 2007 17:45.  

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