09 June 2007
Another day goes by

Today marks the beginning of a new ending, the conclusion of the second term after weeks of hectic study life(not really) and other random occasions. After what seems to be a long period of absence, here I am again. 2 weeks of holiday.. Not exactly a lot, but I'll live. Its a much needed time off for most people. Some are flying off, others are going camp, and doing what-nots. I myself am attending some random Chinese-oriented camp/meet sometime next week. Wonder how its gonna be. But yeah, moving on..

Today was spent, doing what has been done many times over. Going cybercafe and spending the whole afternoon there. It never seems to get boring no matter what people say, nor the number of times we go there. Along with a few other friends, it was fun to say the least. In school, we basically just walked around the whole place doing nothing. There really wasn't anything to do, and the teachers weren't even teaching either, so we had the whole day to ourselves. Well it was the last day, its the least they could give us. Had a short cleaning campaign afterwards. Nothing out of the ordinary.

Well, that should be enough to serve as an update for the time being. Oh, and it was Rita's birthday 3 days ago, and I don't think I've wished her, let alone get a gift, hence she shall have the honor of being mentioned on this blog, Happy Belated Birthday! (Even though she probably never visited this place anyway, its still good to post) Until next time people.

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Lol! I spent my day reading the book I was reading in class and that game my brother bought last December: another Legend of Zelda series: Twilight Princess. So cool man; I am so much better than my brother since I don't rely on Gamefaqs or whatever. Lol! So happy with the accomplishments so far! :D

Is that camp a motivational camp? Do tell more!

I'm so glad today was a free day for us. Honestly, I can't take another day of lesson. Lol!

Blogger freshrimp whispered at 09 June, 2007 22:56.  

Seems you're enjoying yourself. Good man. The camp is supposedly to build up your own independence and prepare you for the future, stuff like that, so i guess it can be considered partly motivational. Not too sure. Will probably update more after i attend.

Blogger Paradox whispered at 11 June, 2007 10:57.  

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Blogger Alex whispered at 14 June, 2007 04:19.  

lol o_0

Blogger Alex whispered at 17 June, 2007 04:13.  

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