17 November 2008

Behold, a Post! Stare in amazement as you see an update to this dormant site. But then again, the only reason I'm here posting is cause my exam starts tomorrow and I need every excuse I can to not study cause I'm lazy, but that's not the point.

Oh why?

So like, in less than a month, I'll be heading off back to Brunei, my sanctuary, my haven. It'll finally be nice to head back after a year here, sort of. It'll be nice to have, many, things, again. *CoughINTERNETHOMGZANDACTUALREALFOODCough*

Tell me why?

But yes, here lies the final stretch of exams spanning around 3 weeks or so, which will determine my future here in Melbourne. Pretty important, so really should be studying right now.

Curse me inside.

Time sure felt as though it went by just like that. Time is overrated. There's not enough of it for us. But that's just how it is.

I can't dream yet another dream.

As you can see, there's a bunch of random lines in between posts. They're just lines from some random song that's currently playing on my Winamp, and in my attempt to make this post seem lengthy, I randomly add lines in to elongate my post.

There's no air.

Maybe you'll be able to guess what song it is, if you actually wanted to. Don't think its that unpopular, but it certainly isn't recent. Won't be talking much about myself (When have I ever), so you'll make do with whatever has been said. College prom was on Halloween, i.e, 31st of last month. It was, ok.

I won't forget, no I won't.

No matter. Looking forward to going back to Brunei once again. It'll be more interesting to catch up with people in person than through this virtual media, for me anyways. Well, until then, and don't expect an update anytime soon (Not that you do anyways). Exams don't come everyday, so I don't update all that often.


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