19 December 2008
The land of unexpected Treasures

The Abode of Peace, I embrace thee.

Its been a while.

Feels good to be back.

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17 November 2008

Behold, a Post! Stare in amazement as you see an update to this dormant site. But then again, the only reason I'm here posting is cause my exam starts tomorrow and I need every excuse I can to not study cause I'm lazy, but that's not the point.

Oh why?

So like, in less than a month, I'll be heading off back to Brunei, my sanctuary, my haven. It'll finally be nice to head back after a year here, sort of. It'll be nice to have, many, things, again. *CoughINTERNETHOMGZANDACTUALREALFOODCough*

Tell me why?

But yes, here lies the final stretch of exams spanning around 3 weeks or so, which will determine my future here in Melbourne. Pretty important, so really should be studying right now.

Curse me inside.

Time sure felt as though it went by just like that. Time is overrated. There's not enough of it for us. But that's just how it is.

I can't dream yet another dream.

As you can see, there's a bunch of random lines in between posts. They're just lines from some random song that's currently playing on my Winamp, and in my attempt to make this post seem lengthy, I randomly add lines in to elongate my post.

There's no air.

Maybe you'll be able to guess what song it is, if you actually wanted to. Don't think its that unpopular, but it certainly isn't recent. Won't be talking much about myself (When have I ever), so you'll make do with whatever has been said. College prom was on Halloween, i.e, 31st of last month. It was, ok.

I won't forget, no I won't.

No matter. Looking forward to going back to Brunei once again. It'll be more interesting to catch up with people in person than through this virtual media, for me anyways. Well, until then, and don't expect an update anytime soon (Not that you do anyways). Exams don't come everyday, so I don't update all that often.


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28 June 2008
Yet Another Weekend II

Forgive me for the lack of originality in the wordings of this post's title, for I am not really bothered and hence place little heed to it. In any case, its been almost a month, close to anyways, since the last post, so here I am, once again.

As you may or may not know(most probably not), second term exam's just finished yesterday, for me anyways, drawing term 2 to a fitful end. Its been a long, long term, and yet, time still seems to just fly by. A few more days and it'll be July, few more months, the next term. Guess its not all that bad. Probably just means the day I get to return home is coming quicker than I'd thought it'd be.

But anyways, theres a two-week break right now for just about everyone in the college, and quite a number are returning to their home-countries and such. I'm not as privileged as them, but oh well, I'll live. Mom's coming over in the second week of July, so thats something to look forward to, I would say. Spent the remaining of yesterday over at a friend's place, until about, 6? (in the morning - exams finished around 3pm) So, you do the math. Its currently winter season now, and though it doesn't snow, it does get dark rather early. When its around 5pm, the skies are pretty much all dark and pitch black by 6. So, less light, not bright. Walking home at 6 in the morning ain't exactly the most pleasurable thing to be doing, but at least its safer compared to walking at around 12-3am, since well, even muggers need sleep. But lets not go there.

Hopefully exams weren't too bad. Did make some mistakes that were just careless in a few papers, but whats done is done. In any case, thats about it from me for now. Look forward to the next update, whenever it may be. Good day.

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31 May 2008
Yet another weekend

Ho ho, it is Saturday, the day after Friday, the day I get to sleep late the previous night and still wake up late tomorrow without a worry for there is no school. The little things in life matter (when college work piles up). Its been what, 2 months or so? Site is neglected, I know. And I know I've mentioned I *might* upload *some* pictures in my last post, but basically I don't have much of any real pictures to upload anyways, so oh well.

The days have been pretty much a routine. Day in day out, the weeks go by relatively quick. But the workload just gets more and more. Just recently completed my first real essay here, after a whole month of research - or at least, you're given one month, how you come about doing it is another story. Australian education system is..interesting. Copyright actually matters here, and no longer can you copy and paste information from Wikipedia and hope to score. Anyways, on the same day this first essay was due, a second essay assignment came up. They really don't give you breaks. Its all pretty fast paced, and you'll just fall behind if you fail to catch up with all the work.

With the exams lurking around the corner, well, in 3 weeks or so anyways, I'll probably not be blogging for quite some time until then, not that i actually blog often anyways, but thats not the point. Then theres holidays after that, but I won't be going back to Brunei this time around. It'll most probably be in December before I get to go back. Wonder how much it would've changed by the time i do go back. Should be fun.

In any case, I'll just keep this short for now. Its currently autumn now, pretty soothing. It gets rather cold on certain days, especially mornings, but its really nice to see the leaves turn brown and get carried off by the winds. The views in the parks are nice as well, clean and tranquil. Gives you this sense of peace to it, life away from everyday's worries. Well, enough philosophical contemplations. Time to take my leave. Until the next post.

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28 March 2008
Its about time

Well now, feels like a while since I've last blogged. Realistically, it HAS been a while, but no matter. For those who are unaware, I am currently no longer in Brunei, but in Melbourne, Australia. Today marks the end of my first term of studies, and I've just returned from my last paper, Physics. College life is rather new I suppose, compared to how life was back then in SAS. Even if its not new, its still very much different. But thats not a bad thing I guess.

So like, studies are so so. Past few weeks had been normal. Lessons and such, normal welfare. Since I'm living alone now, theres plenty to take care of, and new responsibilities arises as such. You've gotta cook and clean and pay rent and etc all on your own now. But you get used to it, eventually. Currently I'm staying at some student hostel called College Square on Lygon Street. Takes about 10-15 mins walk to reach college from here mostly, depending on where your classes are situated. The campus is huge, and it can take you quite some time to get from one end to the other, and your classes are usually situated all over the place.

As for studies, now I'm taking Maths 1, Maths 2 and Physics as my optional subs, which is the common subs people take if they intend to further their studies in Enginnering. As of the moment, I got no idea what I intend to take in Uni, but I'll just go along with these for now. Theres still time to decide what to do when the time comes. Other subs that are compulsory are Literature, English for Academic Purposes, History of Ideas and Drama. Literature is just literature, you learn..literature. English for Academic Purposes is basically Grammar and all that stuff. History of Ideas, you study on all the *ideas* the Westerners came up with in the past and how they came to be, how its used in our daily lives today and so on. Quite interesting really, but its really in depth and you really need to think a lot. Drama is well, everyone knows what drama is (I think). You basically, act and all. This term we had to do a solo mime in front of the class. It was...interesting, to say the least.

Overall everythings been good. The weather is, very, volatile. One day it could be scorching hot, the next, freezing cold. Yesterday was the coldest by far since I've got here, and it was raining as well. Had to walk all the way to my examination hall from my place in the rain. Even with an umbrella, it didn't feel like it was of any use. You still get wet and really cold. You can feel those white puffs of smoke coming out of your mouth when you breathe, which is rather amusing, since you don't see that much where I come from. Too bad it doesn't snow here. Oh well.

Right now I've got around 2 weeks of holidays since its the end of term 1. So I'll have to find something to keep myself occupied as such. Will probably update more sometime soon if I feel like it. Maybe one day I'll upload pictures.. maybe

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10 February 2008
Sick of Everything

You know what? Sometimes, I just want to say, "Well, fuck it! I just can't give a damn anymore!"

I don't know what to do. I'm in this steep pithole where whenever I try to climb out, I'll slip and fall back to the cold, hard ground.

I need a break. And trying to be this perfect perfectionist bitch is killing me.

Sometimes, I want to say "Whatever" and disappear off this surface of the earth.

I don't even know why I'm talking like this.

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05 February 2008
Life goes on

So like, wow, we are actually still well and alive, but we're just not bothered to update. Yes we know, this site is relatively dead, but perhaps even that itself would be an understatement. I doubt 95% of the people who actually used to visit this site actually come by here anymore. But no matter. I shall attempt to rejuvenate this site with some short notes of my own.

Basically, over the past few months since the last update, life's been rather, normal? Well, ain't much else to expect, having finished my secondary education and all. All that free time during holiday was spent carelessly and inefficiently. But what to do. Sometimes in life you'd never really realize how important or how much something means to you till it whacks you in the face. Sounds rather cliche but who's bothering. Well part of the reason I mentioned that would be cause, after one more day (From this current hour) I would be departing Brunei for good, for at least, until perhaps the next holiday or so. Which means, leaving some things behind, leaving people behind and starting a new life. Guess I knew this day would eventually come, but now that's its here, everything seems kinda fast. Never really felt I'd had the chance to properly bid farewell to everyone, let alone start living by myself. Hopefully once I get there, at least I'll be able to set up a decent internet connection so I can keep in touch with everyone. Will probably update more when I get there.

Oh yes, thanks to everyone who wished me for my birthday yesterday. And to those who actually bothered to get me something, you have my thanks. I shall treasure them and bring them along with me to Melbourne. I'd never really expected to get anything from anyone, so it was a nice surprise. But yes, enough about that. Until next time.

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