27 September 2006

Google's 8th Birthday! What a coincidence!

First, birthday shoutouts to a few people!
I can't believe it! I'm already sixteen!


I cannot believe time passes by so fast! It seems like yesterday that I'm still 15 (actually, I really was -.-). At first, I just could not accept the fact that I am about to age another year as there is still so much for me to do. But yea, looking back and reminiscing, so much have happened to me when I was 15 that it had so much so moulded me into a person who you see today.

Am I getting a bit boring? Hahaha! Let's see what has happened! I try to sort these events in chronological order:
That's pretty much I can remember to the best of my memory. These are some of those times which stood out from the rest and has affected me in one way or another. Yea, and most of them are stuffs that I have not really blogged about.

I thank all of my friends who wished me a very happy 16th birthday in the form of blogs, tags and verbally. Thank you all so much for remembering, you guys really made my day! =) Now I really must make an effort in remembering you guys birthdays hahaha! I'm not good with dates though, but I must try my best! If I forgot, remind me =P.

I also thank God for making my life bearable and "fantastic" all this while, and I hope I will always be protected and looked after.

So do I want anything for my 16th birthday? Nah! There isn't anything that I really really want now, and even if I do want a few things, they're all intangible anyway. Hahaha! So what do I really want?

If I could be granted 3 wishes today, (arranged in priority level) I want to break free of procrastination! I want to overcome that nasty quality of mine and set my mindset to reaching my goals. Secondly, I want my sins to be forgiven, so that I don't need to carry the dirty burden on my shoulders anymore. Lastly, I want to further my ability of empathy, so that I can understand the feelings of people even more and be able to try my best to help them if they need it.

I want to have more, but one musn't be greedy about all these things =P! Hyuk, hyuk! So I guess I end my long blog here and later, my family and I will have steamboat together. It's going to be awesome!

I guess I shall end here. Check back later for more blogs by me and Steven! Cheers! ^.^

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